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Positive Reinforcement

Security Work
with All Island German Shepherd K-9 Services

Enhance the safety of your business with All Island German Shepherd K-9 Services' top-notch security solutions. Our licensed night watchman services cater to both private and public sector businesses across Long Island. Our comprehensive security offerings encompass vigilant observation from secure vehicles, as well as interior patrols conducted by expertly trained security dogs.

At All Island German Shepherd K-9 Services, we pride ourselves on our unmatched professionalism and adaptive approach tailored to our clients' unique requirements. Our commitment to excellence is unwavering, ensuring your peace of mind.

Why wait for incidents to occur?

Safeguard your business during its most vulnerable hours with our dedicated services, specifically designed for nighttime security. Protect your premises from potential vandalism and break-ins, while upholding property safety.

For more information on how we can bolster your business security, contact us at 631-369-8120. Connect with "K9 Christopher" or reach out via email to explore the comprehensive range of security solutions we offer.


Invest in your business's safety today.

Dog Training Programs

New York State Troopers K-9 Division, Cooperstown, NY

To all my friends and followers I would like to tell you about my ride to Cooperstown, upstate NY. I left at 3am. I drove 5 hours to the New York State Police K-9 training facility to see the dog that meant so much me. We brought him into the world this as most of you know - from being on The Animal Planet's "Too Cute" with me from the time this dog was born and grew up. I have done a lot with this pup from training him and watching him grow into a very strong sprite, working GSD. So, as I was making this trip I became very emotional and anxious to see him not knowing if he would be the same dog to me that he was because things can change when Police dogs are being trained to serve and protect there handler in the line of duty, but I was fine with that if I did not get the same love and kisses that I once did from my "Sawyer" - AKA "K-9 Buck". that took the name of a fallen State Trooper. 

On the drive, tears were coming out of my eyes and everything started to remind me of being a little boy in Germany with my Grandfather. I was thinking about how my Grandfather raised me around German Shepherds and not knowing that one day I would grow up to be so involved in being a German Shepherd breeder, trainer and how thankful I am for people in my life that have helped me along. Successful of the work that I'm doing. My wish is that my German Grandparents and my Parents were alive to day to see all the hard work that has beem done. I owe a big thanks to my best friend Andy Hanellin - "Dogs by Andy" K-9 Services in N.C. He's a big part of helping me along the way of where I am today, so as I got to the k9 facility I was a little nervous don't know why, but I was so lucky to been invited and grateful to be there my very good friend Sargent Dave Rivera - who open the door to the NY State Police and also has one of my dogs since a puppy who him and his family love so much his name Xander and I hope that Sargent Dave Rivera enjoys his retirement.

Trooper Jay Brewer is now in charge of the N.Y. State Police K-9 devision and is working so hard at his new job whom I also am very fond of all his hard work and dedication. I pulled up to the K-9 barrack, little over whelmed. I was greeted by Trooper Matt Ross who I knew was the handler of "K-9 Buck" - AkA "Sawyer", we shook hands and I said give me a hug were family, you have my dog which he smiled witch I do quite often to people who have my dogs.. lol. So, he took me inside the barrack and introduced me around I was lucky that just the week before I got to meet so many k9 troopers at the retirement party. Everyone was so nice to me, showed me around and they told what great dogs I have. I was so pleased to hear that so now I'm getting real nervous about seeing Buck. He was waiting to see me, so Trooper Ross took me to his K-9 truck and took Buck out ... Well, let me tell you - I shit my pants as he came out of the truck with his hair standing up, looked me in the eye, growled as Trooper Ross had him on leash. I yelled out "HEAL" like I always did. He turned his head, looked at his handler. Then Buck looked at me cried with a strong voice wagged his tail, jumped in to the air and kissed me right on the lips! I cried and at that moment I knew he loved me! He remembered me! How cool is that! He made my day I petted him, I told him what a good boy he was. My old friend was back! I was no longer nervous lol, so Trooper Ross said "would you like to see him work"? I said oh yes I do. He told me buck is a drug dog so he planted some drugs in the building, Buck went to work. Boy, his drive to find the drugs was real intense and yes he found it! Now its play time. He found the drugs and now he wants his ball! Ah, love it. Now its time to show me his bite work now its real business I asked the troopers if they minded I took pictures. I did not want to cross the line or get any one into trouble. They said "no problem Chris we have nothing to hide". I said Wow, thanks! Well, now the decoy puts on a bite suite and buck is ready to go to work. to serve and protect his handler. I was so impressed with Buck and all the troopers for all their hard, great, great work. I can tell you that the N.Y. State Police K-9 handlers are so good about how they treat their dogs. They do such great work! I thank them all for being so kind to me and taking care of my dogs. I could not ask for anything more.

So, my friends and followers enjoy the pictures, it was a gift for me to know that all the K-9 in the N.Y. State Police and the Troopers love there job and the work that they do. Keep an open mind that these dogs are to serve and to protect my friends and extended family of the of the N.Y. State Police. Before I left for my long journey , we had lunch and we had great conversation. They showed me a great video of the State Police K-9 devision and told me to come back to visit again. I got in my "k9 truck" and start heading back. I had to pull over. I start to cry. (A happy cry) 

As I am now writing this letter to all of you telling you about all of our hard work that I do is out of passion and love. Not money.


Thank you all for reading my post enjoy the pictures. 

Special thanks to Steve Campo and Kevin Drew!

Christopher Striano

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