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We put a lot of care into our work, and proud that people have begun to take notice. Scroll below to review some of the collaborations as well as the media outlets that have chosen to feature us.

Welcome to the captivating world of Chris Striano's journey on 'Too Cute,' the beloved American television series showcased on Animal Planet.

Welcome to the captivating world of Chris Striano's journey on 'Too Cute,' the beloved American television series showcased on Animal Planet.

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too cute

Animal Planet

Step into the enchanting world of Chris Striano, a distinguished participant of the heartwarming 'Too Cute' series on Animal Planet. With a captivating spotlight on his exceptional journey, Chris unveiled the bond of a lifetime through the lens of his elegant German Shepherd and her adorable puppies. Delve into the artistry of canine training as Chris weaves a tapestry of devotion and skill, creating moments that redefine 'Too Cute' into a symphony of learning and love.



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Undoing HBO

The Undoing

on HBO

In a riveting crossover between reality and fiction, Chris Striano, the renowned dog trainer and security expert, made a surprising cameo in an episode of the HBO hit series "The Undoing." Known for his exceptional skills in working alongside law enforcement, Chris brought his unique expertise to the small screen, enhancing the authenticity of a critical investigation scene.

Dogs Days of summer
K9 services

Dog Days of Summer

Meet K9 O’Neill of Troop L, SP Riverside.

Meet K9 O'Neill, a male German Shepherd who's more than just a name – he's a testament to dedication and training. This noble canine is specialized in narcotics detection, tracking, and handler protection. Alongside his partner, Trooper Kevin Drew, O'Neill puts his skills to work ensuring the safety of his community.


When he's not on duty, O'Neill enjoys his downtime by the pool, happily chasing after his beloved ball. The bond between O'Neill and Trooper Drew isn't just a partnership; it's a reflection of their commitment to service.


Stationed at Troop L, SP Riverside, K9 O'Neill is a part of the New York State Police family. These remarkable canines carry the names of SP members who made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty. O'Neill proudly bears the name of Senior Investigator Thomas M. O'Neill, who tragically passed away at the age of 56 on July 6, 2005.


Senior Investigator O'Neill's story is one of dedication and courage. He began his law enforcement journey with the Long Island State Parkway Police on January 13, 1972. His dedication led him to join the State Police on January 1, 1980, following the Parkway Police merger, where he earned the rank of Technical Sergeant. Throughout his career, he climbed the ranks, becoming an Investigator in November 1984 and eventually achieving the esteemed title of Senior Investigator in January 1990.


Tragically, Senior Investigator O'Neill's life was cut short while performing his duty. He suffered a fatal heart attack during the arrest of an individual at a local gas station in the Town of Islip. His dedication to public safety and his community is a legacy that lives on through K9 O'Neill and the brave officers who continue to serve.


K9 O'Neill's name carries the weight of history and sacrifice, a symbol of the honor and responsibility that comes with wearing the badge. As he continues to protect and serve, he embodies the legacy of Senior Investigator Thomas M. O'Neill and all those who've given their lives in the line of duty.

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