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About Chris Striano:
Your Trusted NY Dog Trainer & Law Enforcement Partner

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Hey there, I'm Chris Striano – I am based in the vibrant state of NY, I wear a couple of hats, or should I say collars? Yep, I'm a licensed dog trainer specializing in security work and collaborating hand in paw with our dedicated law enforcement folks.


But let me rewind a bit. My journey with these furry wonders started back in my days as a young lad, way over in Germany. It was my grandpa's trusty dog who became my first mentor. He showed me the ropes – or should I say, leashes – of handling dogs. Those moments lit a fire in my heart that's been blazing ever since.


Growing up as the lone pup in my family, my bond with dogs deepened. Call it fate, but my passion only got stronger as I delved into breeding, nurturing robust bloodlines that would come to play a vital role in my future endeavors alongside law enforcement teams. Those bloodlines, you see, were the building blocks of my expertise.


Life has this funny way of shaping us, doesn't it? So there I was, armed with my experiences and a passion as fierce as a loyal dog's gaze. My journey brought me face-to-paw with all sorts of breeds, from the majestic to the mischievous. And it didn't stop there. I took on a mission close to my heart – working with rescues and dogs who faced uncertain futures. The underdogs, if you will. The ones deemed too tough a case, on the brink of being euthanized or shuffled back to shelters.


Here's where I wear my accomplishment like a badge of honor. Turning these dogs' stories around, seeing them wag their tails with newfound confidence – it's a feeling like no other. In this whirlwind of life, it's these moments that stand still, etched in memory, reminding me of why I embarked on this journey.


So, that's my story in a nutshell. I'm Chris Striano, and while my path might be a bit unconventional, it's the pawprints I've left along the way that truly matter. If you've got a dog with a story to tell or a challenge to conquer, well, you know where to find me. Let's make tails wag and stories change together.

- Chris Striano

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